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The religious educational program for adolescents is a pre sacramental program that teaches the adolescents the catholic faith with the basic knowing of the doctrine and practice of the liturgy. Serving in the ministerial area we spread the devotion to the Eucharist and Virgin Mary.

First Year of Catechesis For Adolescents

The Adolescents learnt the truth of the catholic faith. They explore the richness of the church as a community that spreads the word of God, listens to it and meditates. The community that celebrates worships and gods presence in each sacrament.

Second Year Of Practice And Formation

In the second year they feel a spiritual relationship with God and everyone else. The practice consists that the student is part of a ministry, being part of the community, giving testimony, serving others and discovering what God wants for him/her.

Assists retreats that helps them discover the meaning of self spirituality, value of the family and traditions of the Holy Mass. The priests get involved with the adolescents activities and help them train and give information continuously.

Realization Of The Sacrament

At the moment of the celebration the students will feel part of the community. They are servers that will give a stronger testimony in their lives and in and out of the church. We invite you to keep your faith firm wherever you go.

Requirements for Confirmation

  • Ages 13-17
  • Baptism certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate (if not baptized)
  • First communion certificate(if applicable)
  • Bible and materials for class

The corresponding payment

  • Attend retreats


  • 2 years of training
  • Classes are on Saturday 9am-11am
  • Class starts on October and end in June For first and second year.
  • 2 days of registration on June

If your adolescent  isn’t Baptized or hasn’t done first communion they will still be able to do it.

More information please contact Religious Education Coordinator, Judith Torres, 847 294 1806 extent 111

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