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Palm Sunday

During these last forty days of Lent we have we have been preparing for Holy Week that helps us see more clearly our need for a savior. Indeed, there seems to be a plethora of news stories about terrorism, social unrest, poverty, hunger, false mercy, violence and death. We do not even need to [...]

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The Liturgy and Piety

A friend of mine who is the Director of the Institute for Pastoral Leadership (Instituto del Liderazgo Pastoral) invited me to give a course to aspirants to the permanent diaconate and lay leaders on the subject of the liturgy. I informed her that I was not a liturgist in the since I do not [...]

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Mass of Thanksgiving for Landscapers and Gardeners (Spanish)

El Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe invita a todos los jardineros y paisajistas a celebrar la Eucaristía en acción de gracias por nuestros trabajos en esta nueva temporada que el Señor nos concede en el 2018. Cordialmente invitados al terminar la santa misa al taller formativo presentado por ECHO Incorporated sobre "mantenimiento comercial": [...]

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