Shrine Priests and Religious

For extensions and contact information please call us at 847-294-1806

Very Rev. Esequiel Sanchez
Very Rev. Esequiel SanchezRector
Rev. Manuel Padilla
Rev. Manuel PadillaVice-Rector
Rev. Jose Sequeira
Rev. Jose Sequeira Associate Rector
Rev. Jesus Puentes
Rev. Jesus Puentes Asssociate Rector
Sr. Adriana Galay
Sr. Adriana GalayPastoral Associate

Shrine Deacons

Rev. Mr. Miguel Vargas
Rev. Mr. Miguel Vargas Deacon
Rev. Mr. Salvador Medina
Rev. Mr. Salvador Medina Deacon
Rev. Mr. Miguel Vega
Rev. Mr. Miguel VegaDeacon

Administrative Team

Cristina Serrano
Cristina SerranoBusiness Manager
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana JimenezOffice Manager
Maria Cabrera
Maria CabreraSecretary

Religious Education Team

Judith Torres
Judith TorresDirector of Religious Education
Yolanda Merlos
Yolanda MerlosReligious Education Assistant

“La Tilma” Gift Shop Team

Itzel Cabrera
Itzel CabreraGift Shop Manager
Salome German
Salome GermanGift Shop Attendent
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Maria Guadalupe Garcia
Maria Guadalupe GarciaGift Shop Attendent
Jenny Rubio
Jenny Rubio Gift Shop Attendant
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Department of Media and IT

Ignacio Perez-Machuca
Ignacio Perez-MachucaDirector of Media Relations and IT
Andres Lepe
Andres LepeAssistant for Social Media and IT

Maintenance Team

Martin Bernal
Martin BernalMaintenance Manager
Miguel Vega Assistant Maintenance Engineer
Juan Ramirez
Juan RamirezAsssistant Maintenance Engineer
Francisco MelchorAssistante Maintence Engineer
Ernestina Nava
Ernestina Nava Costodian