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Renew My Church in Des Plaines

Dear friends: For the past months, the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been engaged in the Archdiocesan process of renewing called “Renew My Church.” This process seeks to discern how we can best bring forth the work of evangelization to the center of the Church’s life and ministry. Part of that process [...]

Jesus Needs Honesty from Us

Dear Friends: Teens often have very real and tough questions about their faith. One question that often gets asked, primarily from a teen that is beginning to take ownership of his/her faith, is “why is religion important?”  Most parents misunderstand this line of questioning of their faith as a rejection of it, when in [...]

Que significa ser lider?

Estimados amigos: En las lecturas de hoy escuchamos a Josué habla con los lideres de Israel en la ciudad de Siquem y les dice: “Si no les agrada servir al Señor, digan aquí y ahora a quién quieren servir…En cuanto a mí toca, mi familia y yo serviremos al Señor”. Muy directo este comentario, [...]

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