In October, we shared a detailed overview of the beginning and first months of the construction of the future Chapel of St. Joseph:

Since then our crews have completed and continued to work with great dedication on many new phases of the construction, including:

-Framing for the confessionals
-Floor leveling in the vestibule area
-Framing for the vestibule
-Drywall installation in the nave
-Window installation
-Mezzanine stair installation
-Security conduits installed
-Restroom area drywall and ceramic tile
-Curbs and exterior flatwork (continues)
-Structural work for A/V equipment (continues)

It was especially impressive to see the new windows being installed and the steel framing for the new main entrance.  These are significant signs that our crew will soon finish sealing up the building, before the winter months, and they will then focus on finishing the interior construction.

We have been very blessed that the project has continued to progress on time and within budget.  Next month, we will share photos of the progress of the interior building and finishes, as well as a preview of some of the new furnishings and flooring!

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Additional photos from the construction site (October-November 2017):