The Campaign for the Chapel of St. Joseph at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe was launched in March 2017 and construction began on the chapel in July 2017.

After months of consultation and evaluation, with the support of benefactors and staff, Fr. Esequiel Sanchez and the Finance Council determined that a new design for the chapel would be necessary in order to complete the project within a feasible budget and timeframe.

Today, our project is underway (and ahead of schedule!) with the help of our talented and dedicated building team:

Our architects:
Wheeler Kearns Architects—
Larry Kearns and Emmanuel Garcia

Our contractors:
Mazur + Son Construction—
Tom Mazur, Bill Jaekel, and Greg Fiala

Archdiocese of Chicago-Facilities and Construction:
Kevin O’Malley and Jacob Preciado

As the project continues to move forward, we ask for your prayers for our building team and for all involved in carrying out this project to completion.  We can’t do it without them and we can do it without you.

The Chapel of St. Joseph is a symbol of hope for the future of the Shrine and a sign of commitment of the community that is helping to make this possible.

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