The ministry of lector is called to be servants of the word of God in the proclamation of the readings during the liturgy, the reader should have a deep love and respect for the sacred Scriptures. The spirituality of a reader must include an understanding of the Scriptures as the Living Word of God made present to humanity through history, but even more present in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. Readers at Mass is usually true of God’s people, men, women, children, teenagers or young adults who provide this service to the Church at Mass and other sacred actions, issue the readings from the Bible.

Requirements to be ministers:

  • Love deeply the word of God and respect it properly.
  • Must have the sacraments of Christian initiation (baptism and first communion and confirmation)
  • They must be practicing Catholics whose lives bear witness to the word they proclaim.
  • Knowing how to read properly.
  • Get adequate preparation for this position and acquire more knowledge of Scripture.
  • They should periodically participate in meetings and training programs.

Those who are interested in providing this volunteer service please contact the coordinator:

Judith German:  Phone: 2243436188