vocations“Youth must be placed at the service of great ideals. Do you think so? Do you agree? Ask Jesus what he wants of you and be courageous! Be courageous! Ask him! Behind and prior to every vocation to the priesthood or the consecrated life there is always someone’s powerful and intense prayer: a grandmother’s, a grandfather’s, a mother’s, a father’s, a community’s; This is why Jesus said: “Pray to the Lord of the harvest,” that is, God the Father, “that he might send workers for the harvest!”

Pope Francis, Vatican City, April 21, 2013

A priest is a man who has an extraordinary call from God to do extraordinary things. The Priesthood is not a job but a true calling to a life of simplicity, integrity, and virtue in order that the Word of God may be heard by all people and that the presence of God may be experienced through the ministry of a priest. A priest is called not to concern himself with making a living, but through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, makes a life that is concerned with what concerns God.

If the leadership and witness of a priest have inspired you, think about what it is that inspires you about the life of a priest. Have you ever had a chance to speak heart to heart with a priest and asked him why he gave up everything to follow his calling? Have you ever prayed for a priest? Can you see yourself becoming a priest? Do you feel comfortable in seeing yourself as a “son” of God, a “brother” to those in ministry, a “husband” to the Church, and a “father” to the people of God you have been called to serve? If so, then it may be God calling you to this extraordinary life.

If you would like to explore the calling of Our Lord Jesus in your life, please call Fr. Esequiel Sanchez or any of the priests here at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe at 847-294-1806. Please leave us your name and a phone number where we can reach you and the journey will begin.