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Divine Mercy Sunday Message

Jesus, I trust in thee Dear friends: The celebration of the Easter Triduum was an unforgettable experience since, for the first time in recent history, the sacred mysteries were to celebrated without the presence of the community. Livestreaming masses have become the norm during this pandemic and, although many have expressed gratitude [...]

Miercoles de Ceniza

La imposición de las cenizas nos recuerda que nuestra vida en la tierra es pasajera y que nuestra vida definitiva se encuentra en el Cielo. La Cuaresma comienza con el Miércoles de Ceniza este 26 de febrero y es un tiempo de oración, penitencia y ayuno. Cuarenta días que la Iglesia marca para la [...]

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The Annual Catholic Appeal

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is visited by over a million pilgrims each year. These brothers and sisters come in search of welcome, of inspiration, healing and a way to serve God. However, the Shrine does not live independently from our Archdiocese of Chicago but rather is a ministry [...]

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Know Your Gifts

Dear friends: You may not think it, but I have always been a shy person. Most people can’t believe it since I spend so much time in front of people speaking at public forums and even in the media. Well, we all have a past and part of mine was filled with living [...]

Solemnity of the Mosty Holy Trinity

Dear Friends: Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity, a moment in which we are called to reflect on the reality of God in our lives. However, as I prepare to write this simple reflection, I must admit that recent events have made me realized that the audience I am writing to [...]

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