What is SPRED?

It’s a religious development spacially for kids with disabilities.

What is their goal?

Their goal is to develop small communities of faith in parishes to welcome people with mental disabilities and learning problems to integrate in liturgical celebrations.

For what it is?

For those who have autism, cerebral paralysis, severe epilepsy and those that are mentally handicapped. Spred is available for kids 6 to 10 years old, 11 to 16 and 17 to 21 years older.  Six students per session. The shrine is only available for kids 6-10 years old in Spanish.

What Spred does?

Develops small faith communities in parishes to accompany every disabled person during their religious development. It is not an educational not sacramental program, the goal is to help people with disabilities accomplish parish life, during the process they can fulfill their sacrament when the parochial team Spred belives it’s convenient depending on the development of the disabled people.

How it is realized?

It created a friendly environment  and liturgical formation during Spred sessions, they receive a message from God’s word through symbols devotion and affection from the catechists. The Child feels and difference between the daily and holy life, it creates a a relationships with God, and he transforms them little by little, until they voluntarily begin to attend to mass, receive the holy Communion and be part of the faithful community.


Kids with age of 6 to 10 years

Proof of acquired sacraments

Enrollment Fee to corresponding year

Constant attendance

Family parents need to be present on each session

Sessions are every 15 days on Thursday from 6pm-8pm


This program does not have defined term time, they will continue until they are prepared to do sacraments.

The students will have to leave the program when they’re no longer within the indicated age.

Spanish class in Shrine 6-10 years

They can fulfill their sacraments, Firs communion and confirmations still continue with classes after they do their sacraments if they want to.

There is no specific date for registrations children’s are accept when there is a space available to enroll for classes after some of the kids finish the program.

Spred is available in others Parish for more information ask the parish near you or call Spred Center: 312 842 1039.

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